Pin Up Aviator – fly and win

Heard about Pin Up Aviator but don’t know what it is? No worries, we’ll explain! All the professional gamblers are already familiar with the classic gaming options the best and most popular bookmakers can offer. Here are various roulettes, slots, card games, live-betting and some more options that always bring enjoyment and great rewards, but are pretty common already.

The most experienced bookmaker companies try to hold the interest of their clients creating opportunities and adding various entertainments on their platforms. And that’s a perfect solution both for the companies and the gamers. The benefits of adding games are pretty obvious – the clients will be satisfied and gain some unique experience, and the companies will have happy clients, which is exactly what they need. And Pin Up is no exception.

One of the most recent and top games the bookmakers like Pin Up are adding on their platforms is the Aviator game. It is an entertainment that has simple rules and is nevertheless fun and exciting for the users. 

PinUp Aviator game screen
Game screen

Pin Up Aviator game benefits

The Pin Up bet Casino Aviator game was created not so long ago, and has quickly attracted the attention of players from many different countries including India. It has plenty of great benefits that are helping it to gain even more fans as the time goes by. So let’s check out the advantages together and see whether the play is worthy of all the attention it receives. 

  • Simple rules. They say that the best things are often the easiest ones. And this is true when it comes to the Pin Up Aviator game. The rules are really simple and won’t demand a lot of effort from the players.
  • Great design. The game is beautifully designed and has pleasant animated elements. The colors are chosen thoughtfully, so the overall design doesn’t irritate the eyes of the gamers. The main theme is quite dark, so you won’t need to use the night mode if you are going to play at night or when there is not enough light. Therefore, the users don’t have to strain and can play with joy. 
  • Auto-play mode. In case you have some things to do, but don’t want to leave the game completely, here is a special auto-mode that allows you to complete the necessary task without missing the chance to participate in a game round. You can turn on the auto-game in one click, which is really easy and convenient. The auto play will stop the round depending on the conditions you’ve chosen, and you will receive the prize that seems the best to you.
  • Transparency. You can see the results of the previous games and be sure that the system is trustworthy and reliable. The results, bets, and other actual gamblers are seen in the different sections of the menu.
  • Live-chat. The function of the chat where the players can exchange their experience is an amazing feature that adds a social element to the game and makes it more enjoyable and interesting. It helps to create a special community on the website and find more like-minded people around.
  • Accessibility. The good news is that the Pin Up Aviator game is available not only on the desktop website version but also as an apk download for tablets and mobile phones with different software (iOS, Android, etc.) The clients from India can enjoy it wherever they go, the only two things needed are a device that is easy to take with you and a stable Internet connection. This way you won’t miss any game round even if you don’t have access to the computer or laptop right now. 
  • Great wins. As we have mentioned earlier, any user can see the results of the previous games and the bets other players make. Therefore, you will be able to notice how large are the sums the users receive. Place $100 and receive twice as much in one click. You don’t need special sports knowledge as is the case when it comes to sports betting. All you need is pure luck and speed to click the “Cashout” button at the right moment. 
Aviator game rules
Aviator game rules

Rules: how to play the brand new game

We have already said that the rules are really easy, and now we are going to prove it to you by explaining how to play the fantastic Pin Up Aviator game with almost no effort. The action can be carried out in a couple of quick steps:

  1. Log in to your account on the Pin Up website and visit the Aviator page. The icon is always easy to notice in the menu. It says “Aviator” and has bright colorful design;
  2. Type in the money amount you want to place and click “Bet” or use the auto-mode;
  3. Watch the animated airplane as it flies, and the odds change accordingly. When it reaches the number of the reward you agree to receive, quickly push the “Cashout” button that appears in the place of the “Bet” one and claim the winnings.
  4. Make sure to click the button quickly, because in case the airplane flies away before you do it, the bet will be considered unsuccessful. 
Pin Up bet mode in Aviator
Aviator game betting

As you can see, everything is really simple and takes no extra effort or special knowledge. Just follow the airplane and pay attention to the odds by which your bet will be multiplied. 

PinUp Aviator – Reliability of the process

Some users tend to be suspicious of such easy gameplay and the real wins the clients say they receive. However, you don’t have to worry about anything or start to look for conspiracies, because everything about the Pin Up Aviator game is completely trustworthy and real.

The result at which the airplane flies away is randomly generated before each round, and no third party can interfere with it. Therefore, whichever bookmaker adds the game on their website, no technician can bypass the protection inbuilt in the game code. 

The game has a verification of its mechanism being fair, which can be found near the gaming menu. Any user can click the green check mark located there and read in details about the protection technologies that make the results trustworthy and the rewards real. 

Check it out now and leave your feedback!

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