How to play slots

The popularity of online casinos

As the world has changed, many players have lost the opportunity to visit their favourite casino parlours and have been forced to look for alternatives. As a result, online casinos are expanding at an enviable rate. The offer is indeed enormous and it is worth considering their ranking when choosing the right portal. You can find and read on our website recommendations for learning different gambling strategies. Learn how to play slots in our review.

how to play slots
  • Online casinos offer a user-friendly account management interface. Money can be deposited quickly and easily using dozens of payment systems, and the services themselves are safe and popular with internet users. In addition, it is possible to pay in different currencies, sometimes even digital currencies, which is very important for gamblers;
  • The distinctive feature is the bonus and rebates. It’s worth noting that the bonuses and their size depend on the casino and the user’s level of advancement. Newcomers are often offered welcome bonuses, while regular players are rewarded with prizes for loyalty and good results in the gaming session;
  • And don’t forget about the huge range of slot machines at online casinos, which are far more plentiful than those in the gaming parlours. Here you’ll find the latest technology, good animation and exceptional sound. Even 3D games are offered.

Casino slot machines

The selection of slot machines is truly enormous. You can find traditional roulette, poker and exotic games. Each machine on offer has its own theme, so the player can choose according to their wishes and needs.

For example, a sports fan will easily find a slot machine with a football or basketball theme. The free spins option gives newcomers the opportunity to practice or try a new game before earning money. Registration at the casino is very quick and easy, and newcomers are also offered exclusive bonuses and rewards to entice a new customer with their services. It’s definitely worth it to try the gambling and save money.

For gamers who have had to deal with casino games, it’s probably no surprise that slot machines are attracting so much attention these days. This category of games is one of the fastest growing – not only is the number of players increasing, but the games themselves are appearing more and more every day. Every month, the best game developers release new games to delight old and new casino fans alike. 

If you’ve heard of this game category but don’t know much about it yet, or just think slot machines would be great fun, we invite you to read on and get to know these games a little better. In this article, we will try to provide useful information to help you choose the highest quality and most exciting slot machines, and discuss how and where to start so that you can play them wherever and whenever you want.

Types of slot machines

One of the reasons people play slot machines is because of the ease and simplicity of the process. Slot machines can be divided into different categories, two of which are the most popular: classic and video slots. When playing the classics everything will be very simple, in this case most games do not have any complicated features, you just need to set the desired bet amount and start playing. 


Video slots have more features – there are often different bonuses like free spins. Also, some games have features that accumulate certain points and then activate various bonuses. This means that in order to win higher cash prizes during the various features, you need to play longer, as any points accumulated will be reset when the game is turned off. New players, without knowing this, can lose big chances of winning. 

How to choose online slots to win

So, to start playing slot machines, you first need to choose the right game. Choosing the right game can be really difficult, as the number of such games in different online casinos can reach several thousand. For this reason, we recommend that you always check the category of the most popular games in this section of the casino slot machines. 

Before you start playing for real money, we recommend that you try the game for free. The best online gambling companies allow their users to try out the games for free. This means that you won’t risk your own money while playing, but there’s no chance of winning real money. It’s important to note that in order to play free games you usually need to have a casino account. 

As a result, the very first step to playing slot machines is to choose an online casino. Once you have tried the game for free, you will be able to decide whether you like the game and want to try it for real money. From there it’s all up to you and your abilities. Remember that slot machines, just like other casino games, are a form of entertainment, so manage your bankroll so that you can afford to lose what you have. 

When choosing games, it is advisable to pay attention to additional game statistics. These are RTP and variation. The RTP indicates what the theoretical return to the player is, for example, if the RTP in the games is 98%, which means that after a €100 bet, you should theoretically get back €98. It’s just a statistic and the exact amount of money per player is not returned – one user loses more, another wins more. But with statistics you can see what the theoretical return is.

So, to summarise, to start playing slot machines, you need:

  • Choose a safe online casino
  • Create a casino account
  • Find a game you like that you can try for free
  • Deposit money into your casino account
  • Play your chosen slot machine for real money

Participating in tournaments can be a good source of extra money and a good way to pass the time for those who enjoy gambling. Participation is usually free, but players need to familiarise themselves with the rules of the game. Often players participate in loyalty system programmes, collecting loyalty prizes, but there are also cash prizes.

The mathematics of slot machines

To understand how to beat a slot machine, you need to become familiar with the principle and characteristics of its operation. Based on the theory, everything seems very simple. Put money in the wallet, press the button and wait for a good combination. But in this case it has nothing to do with luck.

the mathematics of slot machines

Slot machine analysis involves factors that the slot machine examines.

  • Your game balance. For this reason, the greater the difference between the top-up and payout, the higher the probability of getting into the pot.
  • Replenishment. Set up processing at the time of receipt of funds to the account of the recipient or through the processing centre of the gambling establishment.
  • The amount of the bet. It is determined by the machine itself, based on simple mathematical calculations. To determine the real size of the bet you need to divide the current bet by the selected number of lines. If one winning line is selected, the actual bet amount is equal to the current bet amount.
  • What is the return rate of the slot machine? This is usually the most important factor when playing on a slot machine. In this case, the rate of return is the speed at which the machine is released before it is filled. This can either be set by casino staff or initially placed in the machine’s software. For the most part, the yield ranges between 70-90%.

The slot machine microprocessor will analyse all the above factors and perform the following actions:

  • Determines the combinations of symbols by the rate of return of the machine and its current balance.
  • Sets the maximum rate of return.
  • Makes changes to the balance, processes the payment request and makes the changes.

A slot machine with a random number generator

The slot machine has a pseudo-random number generator, i.e. it knows what combinations you can get from it before you press any of the keys. A mechanical machine modification is capable of handling up to 20 million operations per second.

The slot machine can be configured to make decisions according to the factors that affect its operation as described above. The consistency of the gameplay, trying to guess the big card, all create the illusion of human participation in the game. In reality, nothing is predetermined without your participation.

Rules of casino games

Not sure how to win at the slot machines? Use a few simple gambling tips. They will help you win at the casino. Sometimes inexperienced users make a rather silly mistake. Therefore, in order to save time and money, use the following tips:

  • Choose a reliable and trusted casino! But as cliché as it may sound, people often lose money because of their wrong choice. Include casinos that have a long history and manufacturers willing to provide licenses to operate.
  • Run the game in a test version. But if you want to try your hand at an online casino, start playing for virtual money. If you know the way the machines work and you are happy with everything, you can start playing for real money.
  • You will then have to specify the amount you are willing to lose. Before you go to the casino, you need to decide on the amount you are willing to spend on the game. You should not take a lot of money with you, lest you be tempted to wager the money. When you have decided on the size of the pot, take only this amount with you.
  • Start playing with small stakes. In case you have a small bank, then a machine with a minimum bet is suitable for you.
  • Control your emotions. Slot machines provoke the production of endorphins in the human body. The “happy hormones” can dull the mind of the player, leading to a gambling addiction. If you notice that the pot has long exceeded your limit, you need to stop. Take a short break every 15-20 minutes. You will find it easier to control yourself.

Strategies for playing slots

Gambling is a rather ancient pastime and a way of winning. Since their inception, it has become popular to find all sorts of ways to gamble in order to make the most profit. And with the invention of slots, there have been many strategies to promote them. But it’s worth noting that no slot machine can guarantee one hundred per cent success.

strategies for playing slots

Martingale strategy

The Martingale method is to gradually increase your bet after each loss and decrease it in case of another win and win. The probability of success in the second game increases when you lose the first game. After selecting a slot machine, you must place the minimum bet on one or more paylines and then start the reel.

Scenario: If the spin wins, the bet must be left the same and the game continues. If it loses, double your bet or continue playing. There is no way to ignore all these rules, so you have to play as if you have won and keep doing so until you win. When playing roulette, this strategy is most effective.

No Limit Strategy

This strategy is regarded very sceptically among professional players. However, that doesn’t stop its popularity in the gambling world. Maybe during your last visit to the casino, you saw how a player is “frantically” rushing from one machine to another. Actually, that is the point of this strategy. After each loss the user must move to the next slot machine and thus move in a circle. It sounds a bit absurd, but it makes sense. If you play one slot machine that brings you nothing but a waste of money, it is wise to change to another one. Perhaps it will bring you luck.

Strategy Chicken

Essentially, it consists of the fact that the gambler should not repeat slots during the same game session. A distinctive feature of this system is that it can easily be combined with other game schemes. Before putting the strategy into practice, one should decide on the budget for one session. The amount divided by the number of slots, which will be played.

Zigzag strategy

This scheme uses visual observation of the slot. During the game, you need to write down lucky combinations and then find them on other reels.

If the slot is lucky, it has this arrangement of symbols.

  • in the shape of the letter V;
  • diagonally;
  • in the form of a diamond.

You can look for your “zigzags” in either way. But then you will have to spend time, as well as gain experience.

How to win at slots?

If you decide to play, it’s useful to know some basic rules that can tip the scales in your favour.

Look for online gaming reviews

Before you bet money on a slot machine, look for online reviews to see what other players are saying. Always read reviews and check the ratings. There are many resources that you can find online. This way, you will know what to expect and you can use this information to your advantage. Once you feel confident and have mastered the rules of the game, you can get down to the real task of betting for real money.

Don’t rely on luck alone

How your slots winnings are determined may depend on the chance factor, but that doesn’t mean you can get distracted while you’re playing. On the contrary, you need to be as focused as possible and keep a very close eye on the whole game. If you are lucky, bet more; if not, bet less or stop playing. Take advantage of your luck, but don’t rely on it completely. In the first few moves you’ll know if your luck is good today, and if not, try again tomorrow!

Avoid progressive slots

If you want to play for a long time, never bet on progressive slots. With them, a portion of each bet is added to the progressive jackpot, which means the games are not as lucrative for the player. They are suitable if you have a large budget and decide to bet the maximum. If you plan to play retail and are not going to bet the maximum allowable amount, progressive slot machines are not for you. They only allow you to hit the jackpot when players bet the maximum.

Change your bet if you win

The idea here is to change the percentage of the amount you bet depending on the size of your budget. So before you start playing, make sure that the slot can match the size of your bet, whether it’s the minimum or maximum bet. We recommend not betting more than 10% of your budget, because you risk losing the amount very quickly.

The easiest games give you the best odds

If you’re the type of player who doesn’t have a big budget, you should stick to the simplest slots you can find. Look for games with only one or three lines, or reduce the number of winning lines if the slot allows. Reducing the number of lines from 10 to 1 will increase the volatility of the machine from 5x to 10x. If you bet on 10 lines at a time the winnings are reduced by a factor of 10.

Take advantage of initial bonus offers

Many players take advantage of the initial bonus offers at each casino, and this is a good approach because this way they have the opportunity to choose their favourite casino. Before taking advantage of the bonus offers, read the terms and conditions of the bonus and decide if it’s worth it.

Choose slots with high volatility

The risk involved in playing a particular slot determines its volatility. So if a slot machine has low volatility, you’ll win more often, but usually less. Slots with higher volatility have higher profits, but are less common. Slots with low volatility are much safer to play, but you can’t expect much profit either. High volatility slots are riskier, because you never know how much time and money you will have to spend to hit the jackpot, but the chances are much higher.

A smart betting strategy

You start with a low bet, and as soon as you come across one of the winning combinations, you double up with the appropriate button. Here you can decide whether to double each winning combination or not. Continue until you lose or win enough money to be able to withdraw and win the game. Of course, you won’t always win when duplicating, but there is always a 50% chance, so you need to set clear boundaries and know the measure.

If you win a large sum of money

If this happens, the most important thing is to keep your composure and not fall into the usual wrong move of many players, which is to bet all at once on the next turn. Experts say that 90% of those who hit the jackpot at the slot machine then lose it all, precisely because of their decision to bet the entire amount at once. A sensible move on your part would be to split the amount in two: one for immediate withdrawal as a guaranteed win, and the other to continue playing.

Guaranteed profit

There is a guaranteed system of playing slots where you lose nothing and it is very simple. Don’t play them! It is the only strategy that you can be 100% sure of. Slots are just games designed for fun. Don’t plan to play slots on a regular basis to make a regular income. Slots don’t work that way. So you shouldn’t expect miracles from them. Slots are just for fun! So if you do play, be sensible and bet as much as you can afford to lose.

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