Aviator game strategy 2022

Aviator is a popular online game where players are invited to test their intuition and attentiveness. This slot machine has gained popularity around the world due to the simple rules and high odds. Its users are most often interested in how to win at online casinos. We have compiled this review specially with the purpose to talk about tactics and strategies helpful in the game Aviator.

Please note that gambling should be regarded only as a hobby and entertainment, and not a main way to increase your income. We do not encourage you to play in a casino, the information on this site is presented solely for the education and entertainment purposes.

Main goal and rules of the game Aviator

To win in Aviator, you need to withdraw your bet before the plane flies off the screen. There can be one bet or two at once, it does not contradict the rules of the game. The difficulty is that the result of the round is unpredictable, and the round can end at any second.

The size of the odds at which the plane flies off the screen is determined by a random number generator with a special Provably Fair technology. It guarantees a fair result, which no one is able to fake.

For this reason, the question of many gamblers “How to cheat in the game Aviator” is not valid, because it can not be done. But you can try to use a more sebsible approach that allows you to win without hacking.

Aviator game – the best strategy

How can you actually win in the Aviator game for money? The answer is simple: you need to play more and gain experience. You can try to discern a pattern by studying and analyzing the latest results of all previous rounds.

Do not forget that the RTP (Return to Player) is quite high here, higher than the average number for similar slots and slot machines. This amount is equals 97%. In other words, in the long term (if you play not a few rounds, but for a long time) the player with each deposit of 1000 rupees is likely to get a return of 970 rupees. 

Tip #1: You can track the amount of bets of other players, as well as the amount of their winnings.

If we are talking about mathematical models in strategies, they also have a place here. 

The first thing is don’t forget to replenish the deposit, as you can play for money in the casino only with a positive balance.

You already know that in Aviator you can make two bets at the same time in one round. So, you make one bet for a certain amount, for example 1000 rupees. At the same time you need to make the second twice as much – in our example it will be 2000 rupees and immediately set the auto-cashout on this bet by the coefficient x1,5.

When the next round is over, this strategy will allow you to at least not to lose it all. This way you will get to zero – this is already a success. If you’re lucky, you can make good money on the second bet. 

Again, this tactic only works when playing for quite a long time. For example you need to play 10-15 rounds to notice a tangible amount on the balance.

Even if you lose, don’t worry – sooner or later you will definitely get your money back.

Tip #2: Pay attention to the colors in the line of the results of the past rounds – your chances of winning will be much higher if the line shows purple or blue colors.

Sometimes it happens that two or more consecutive rounds are unlucky. In this case, we recommend to just stop and do not place any bets – wait until at least one X (coefficient) of the purple color in the line of totals.

Do not be afraid to take risks, especially after a loss, even a big one. Practice shows that sometimes it is worth the risk and can bring you 2 or 3 times more than you just lost. In this case do not forget about the possibility of setting the cashout to a coefficient between x1.3 and x1.7. 

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