Aviator Provably Fair: what does it mean

Aviator is a brand new game developed by the Spribe Gaming company which is widely known for its products on the gambling market. It specializes in creating keno, roulettes, dice, blackjack, and other card games. However, its most popular entertainment nowadays is the Aviator game which available on the websites of some professional bookmaker websites.

The game has become a legend in the gambling world, drawing the attention of thousands users from different corners of the planet including India. The gamers rom the region are quick to place a bet and win back some rupees.

On our website you can easily find a list of the bookmaker companies that have added the game on the platform and provide the best service quality and conditions. These are the trustworthy casinos that can offer much more than the Aviator game, though it is also a pleasant bonus.

Aviator rules

We have already talked about the rules in some other articles, so here will be just a quick overview of it to make everything about the game completely clear.

To start the game, you have to be a client of one of the casinos we have selected. The most prominent of them are 1WIN, PinUp, Mostbet, 1XBet, etc. Visit the bookmaker website and find a bright “Aviator” icon usually colored red. Click it, and you will be redirected of the bookmaker Aviator game page. Here you will be offered to select a demo version of the game which is played for free using the virtual money the site provides or to play for the real money. Please note that the Aviator demo mode doesn’t allow the users to withdraw their winnings, it is only available in the full version.

Whichever option you choose, the next step is to place a bet or two (the final decision is yours) and watch for the next round to start. At the beginning of the game, a lucky plane takes off and, as it continues to fly, the odds change, therefore varying the amount of the possible winnings. The odds number multiplied by your bet amount is the sum you can take away on your account. Your goal is to click the “Cash out” button before the plane flies away, and the round is considered complete.

That’s the whole rules. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Even too simple, some people would say… Can it really be trusted?

Provably Fair system

One of the best things about the Aviator game is its reliability and transparency of the gaming process. The developers have worked hard to create a system that would be able to guarantee fairness of the entertainment, and we are happy to say that they have succeeded.

The result of each game (the number at which the plane flies away) is generated randomly before every round. However, to make it 100% random and prohibit any chances of interference, it is generated not on the developer or bookmaker servers, but right in the game.

Aviator game provably fair system

In order to generate the result, the technology uses four different components. The first component is the server seed (16 randomly composed symbols) and the last three are the seeds of the people who have placed their bet in the current round before others. The user seed is completely unique and is given to every player before the game. After that, the four seeds are merged together and hashed, therefore providing the final round result.

Server seed + User 1 seed + User 2 seed + User 3 seed = Game Result

And by the way, anyone can check the fairness of each round. You can do it right now as well. Go to the Aviator menu and then click “Provably Fair Settings”. Here you will be able to find the current server seed (the first component) and your personal seed as well. You can also visit the rounds history bar and click a green check sign icon next to any result. The site will show you the seeds of the first three gamblers, the server seed, the processes of merging and hashing the data and the final result that will be equal to the one in the reality.

As you can see, everything is completely clear and transparent. Neither the gamblers or the developers can interfere in the process. It is all pure luck and attention of the players. Here actually are some strategies the gamblers are developing to outsmart the system and win the game, however it has nothing to do with cheating and only talks about the intelligence of the people. Try it out yourself and, who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to crack the mysterious code.

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