How to win in Aviator 1xbet

The Aviator game has gained the popularity among the players from around the world long ago. This video game is extremely easy to manage. Its simple rules will be very clear to all players, including even beginners.

Aviator game 1Xbet screen
The plane is ready to take off – it’s time to bet!

In this review, we will analyze the strategies of the game and try to understand under what algorithms it operates. This will show you how to start winning in it quickly.

Game Characteristics

Avitor in 1xbet is a simple animated game created by the well-known company Spribe. The game is a multiplayer. It means that several people can play it online at once.

Return to Player (RTP)96%
Adaptation for mobile devices+
Free game+

Aviator by Spribe is very popular with users in India. Over 1000 players play daily, and the average bet is 3000 Indian rupees.

The game is based on Provably Fair technology. It guarantees a fair and unpredictable game process and its result. It is an undeniable fact that the results of any round cannot be predicted, let alone faked.

The game has 2 main modes:

  • Regular game, i.e. played for real money;
  • Demo game.

Demo game – play for free

Almost every modern slot in online casinos has a demo version. This feature allows you to play immediately without having to make a deposit. You don’t even need to register for this. The player receives a certain amount on his virtual account (for example, 3000 Euros.) The money cannot be withdrawn, of course.

You can place any bets using the virtual money on your account. Until they run out, the game will continue. By placing bets, you will win or lose a portion of this amount. When you run out of money on your account, you can switch to the normal mode or start a new demo game (to do this, just refresh your browser).

The demo game helps to understand the rules quickly and with no risk of losing your money. It also helps to understand the essence of the gameplay, and to create your own strategy for winning. Trying, playing, and making mistakes, you will learn to quickly win and withdraw the funds.

However, this method has one major drawback. You will not be able to receive your winnings, no matter how big it is. The reason is that after a few rounds of the demo version, you have to start gambling for money, if you enjoy the game, of course.

Benefits of the Game

The 1xbet aviator is not just another silly game, it is a high-quality product with every detail thought through. The emphasis is on the social role of the program, as it has an online chat for the players to communicate with each other, share the joy of victory and grief from the bitter failure.

What else does the creator of the product offers to us:

  • Betting statistics of other players – it is easy to see who is betting right now and how much;
  • Pleasant and calm music that relaxes and sets you up for a successful game;
  • Players hear realistic sounds as the plane takes off and accelerates;
  • The colorful graphics are complemented by funny and exciting animation.

There are several customization options. For example, you can turn off the sound and (or) music during the next round. This option is always available if some gamblers are distracted by the additional sounds. You can also turn it on at any time you wish.

But that’s not it. Customize your statistics the way you want it. See the best rounds and the highest stakes. You also might be interested to know what the maximum winnings the players take with them. The presented in the menu information is true, it is uploaded automatically according to the algorithm of the provider.

Study the TOP section – winnings (jackpot), coefficients for 1 day, month or a year.

Animation (or lack of it) also can be changed in one click. Everything here is done for the convenience of the users.

Right now you can easily see how many people are playing in the current round, it allows you to fully assess the competition. The bet amounts of these players and their final winnings are also shown there.

How to play Aviator 1xbet

Many bookmakers and online casinos have such an unusual slot machine on their official website. The main goal of the game is extremely simple: you need to predict the moment when the plane leaves the screen. Until then it is important to withdraw your money in time by clicking the cash out button.

The bet is made before the beginning of the round, and players can even bet twice at once. Both bets will be considered winning only if the most important condition is met: you managed to cash out the bet before the plane left. Otherwise, you will lose.

But don’t fall into despair. The Aviator game offers fairly low betting limits. If you are not ready to risk a large amount, then you can bet small. The minimum bet is only 0.1 Euros. And the winnings can be 1000 or much more! The maximum fixed coefficient is x100,000.

Remember that you need to have a positive balance to start betting, so the first step is to fund your account and make a deposit of any amount.

How to guess the odds in Aviator?

This question excites all lovers of gambling. Here you can rely solely on your own intuition and a little bit of luck. The fact is that the number of the final coefficient of the round will be chosen completely randomly. It is almost impossible to predict it. Although some experienced players try to do this by analyzing the history of the previous rounds. These statistics are publicly available. It shows the results of the last 30 games.


The autogame option allows you to bet several rounds in a row without the personal player participation. Activating autorun is simple:

  • choose the number of rounds – 1, 25 or 10;
  • stop the game if the amount decreases by…
  • stop the game if the balance increases by…
  • stop the game if I won the round by more than…

Enter the desired values ​​and click “Start”.

Auto cash out will occur when these conditions are met. You can stop auto start at any time – just click the “Reset” button.

Autoplay can be activated for one bet or for both at once – this is the choice of the player.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I check the fairness of the game?

No worries! To do this, go to the settings menu. You will receive your personal client number – a special player code, each one is unique. A combination of these codes form the key to the result of the next round. The procedure is quite transparent, but most importantly, it guarantees 100% fair play. You can check the fairness of each new round and the fair outcome of the bets made.

  • What is Provably Fair?

This technology is used in all legal casinos. This principle ensures the transparency of each launch.

  • How to play Aviator for free and without registration?

Just start the “demo” mode and play without a deposit as long as you want.

  • Are there any bonuses for players in Aviator?

Yes, you can earn and use bonus bets in Aviator. The more bets, the more points you accumulate. You can find the list of the available bonuses in your personal account. Free bet can be activated by all registered players at the 1xbet bookmaker.

  • How to download Aviator on a mobile phone?

The game itself cannot be downloaded on Android or IOS, but you can run the mobile version. Just open Aviator in the browser of your mobile device – smartphone or tablet. The operating system, year of manufacture, model and size of the gadget don’t matter. The only important thing is a stable and high-quality Internet connection.

  • What to do if the Internet is broken during the next round?

Don’t worry, you are protected from any damage. If the game is interrupted, you will automatically receive the amount at which the game has stopped. The amount will be credited to your balance immediately.

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