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Aviator game – play for free

Aviator is a super popular multiplayer video game from Spribe. The secret of its popularity lies in the simplicity of the rules and the high betting odds. The users probably know that they can play Aviator for free and even without registration. The free game feature is available in the demo-mode.

The demo version perfectly replicates the entire functionality of the full Aviator game version. The only difference is that the game is not played for real money but for virtual currency. Now, let’s talk about everything at a time.

Aviator demo game

Aviator game: Rules and strategy

Aviator game allows you to increase your bet (one or two at once) several times in just a few seconds. Coefficient grows as rapidly as the plane takes off.

So, the plane is ready to take off. Before the beginning of a new round, the player has to hurry up a little bit to make the bet. This is a necessary condition both for the game for money and in the free version. If you didn’t place the bet on time, you will have to wait for the next round. Though don’t worry, it doesn’t take too long.

Aviator game rules

You’re allowed to make one or two bets at once. They may differ in the amount. The minimum bet amount is €0.1. The maximum is 100 Euros. It is clear that the higher the original bet is, the bigger your potential winnings will be.

The round begins, and the plane starts to fly up. Its flight can last a few seconds or an entire minute – it is a completely random number, and only your own intuition can guess it.

The task of the player is to have time to withdraw the money before the plane disappears from the screen and the message “The plane flew away” appears. This will mean that the round is over. Casino users who have had enough time to click a “Cash out” button will be considered the winners of the round.

How are the winnings calculated in the Aviator game?

It’s all incredibly simple and clear.

The amount of winnings at the end of each round is equal to the amount of the initial bet, multiplied by the odds at which the player cashed out.

For example, if a player bets $10 at the beginning of a round and has clicked Cash Out at odds of 7.14 he will receive $10 x 7.14 = $71.4.

The most interesting thing about this game is that you can place TWO bets on a single airplane launch at once. The outcome of each of these bets will depend on whether you cash out both or at least one of them on time. Clearly, your total winnings from each bet will be equal to the sum of the individual bets.

Your bets history

The new rounds are updated as the previous level is considered complete. Players are given a few seconds to take a little break and prepare to make a new deposit on the game balance (if necessary) or just put some of it on the line.

If you do not have time to press the button, do not despair, maybe you will be lucky next time.

When you decide that it is time to stop, you can quickly and easily withdraw the money from your gaming account. All the conditions and rules of the withdrawal process depend on the casino or the bookmaker company on the site of which you have been playing.

Tactics and strategies of playing Aviator Spribe

Of course, each player is wondering how to beat this slot machine, outsmart it or even hack it. We will tell you the truth: it is impossible to cheat this game. It has been specially designed so that no one could hack the algorithm or find out the next result. All values of the coefficients are completely random. They are determined using these two independent mechanisms:

  1. RNG (Random Number Generator).
  2. Provably Fair Technology.

The joint work of these two tools guarantees fair play and a deliberately random result. Moreover, each player takes part in calculation of the result of the next round. Each user has his own unique number (user’s seed) – a combination of letters and numbers (total of 20). Seeds do not repeat, and with each new round your combination is updated. It also can be entered manually. In addition to the user seeds there is also a server seed. It is much longer. So, in each round the result is determined by combining the server code and the seeds of those three players who were the first to bet.

Aviator’s fairness can not be doubted, because no one – neither the other players nor the casino administration can tweak the slot in their favor.

The strategy of the game may be to make small bets and study the statistics of the previous rounds. It is available and is used all the time. This makes it possible to keep track of all the previous rounds.

It is interesting, that we can see not only the final odds of all previous rounds, but also the size of bets and winnings of other players. Playing Aviator is safe and very exciting. So, the plane is taking off. Are you ready to place a bet?

Aviator – settings and features

The game is so simple that its control is operated with just two buttons. Once you have placed a bet and the plane has begun its swift flight, it is recommended to concentrate on the buttons that read “Cash out.” 

Do not miss the moment, although in this case even the risk can be profitable. Sometimes one second is able to change the entire situation.

Waiting for the next round
Waiting for the next round

You can configure the slot machine Aviator as you like, and these settings can be changed at any moment. Also note that Aviator has nice music effects and soundtrack. The melody is quiet and even relaxing, so you’re sure to have some inspiration during the game.

In case of the available sound effects, they are very realistic. The sound of engine when the plane takes off gives you the opportunity to feel, at least with your ears, how long the current round will last. Some players are annoyed by these sounds, and it may even distract them from the gameplay, so you can easily turn them off.

Animation and graphics of the Aviator are also on a high level – colorful, bright, eye-catching. Animation as well as the sounds can be turned off, it is allowed. All these actions are available both as a demo and if the user has made a deposit and plays Aviator for money.

By the way, when it comes to depositing, Aviator game is just one of the slots in online casinos, even though it is pretty unusual. Therefore, the funds for the Aviator game will be taken from your main account of the bookmaker providing the service. Just make a deposit and play any slots on the casino website.

Aviator game auto mode

If you currently don’t have your own strategy or if you just want to relax, then we are ready to surprise you – you can play Aviator for money in the automatic mode. No need for any additional action, the machine will do everything for the player. The strategy allows you to cash out in a strictly defined moment.

Important: the automatic mode is in no way connected to the Aviator algorithms, so it finishes the game at a random moment.

You only have to watch the gameplay and feel the excitement, and if the circumstances are lucky, you can take your winnings and withdraw your money after the bet has been calculated.

Auto mode can be set (and turned off) for one bet or for both – it is your choice. It is interesting to check who has a better reaction and intuition: the player or the robot in the game Aviator.

aviator auto play
Autoplay setting

Players can run the auto game for a certain number of rounds: 1, 2, 5 or 10. After reaching the set number, Aviator will return to the manual control, so be careful.

Deposit bets can be increased or set at a certain value – for example, each time the inscription “Waiting for a new round” is lit, the game will make an automatic bet of 1 Euro. It will happen this way again and again, until the moment the gambler will leave the auto mode.

Don’t forget to set the coefficient in the column “Auto Cashout”. When this coefficient is reached, your game in the current round will be over, and the amount of winnings will be transferred to your account.

Aviator Game – Freebet Bonus

Freebets allow you to play Aviator online without making a deposit. All the players have to do is log in to the official website or mobile casino app and begin their winning streak.

How do I get a freebet and bonus in Aviator? The answer is quite simple: look for it in the official social networks of the bookmaker or from the developer of the game – on the website or in Spribe communities. Many users are happy to share promo codes and freebets with others on forums and in the comments.

Aviator demo freebet slot

You can easily find out how many bonuses you have gained for online games at the moment. To do this, you need to go to the “Bonus Bets” section and see the number of the active bonuses. It is clear that the more often and larger bets you make, the more bonus points you accumulate.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Aviator without registering?

Yes, it is allowed, but you have to run a demo version. It allows you to run free rounds with no limit regarding its number and duration. In the demo mode, players will have enough time to develop their strategies for quick and big wins.

How to make a deposit?

To replenish the game balance you need to log in on the website (log in to the personal account), choose a convenient payment system, and specify the amount of money. Commission and timing of the funds procedures depend on many factors, it is recommended to clarify this information on the portal of your casino.

Are there limits set for betting in the Aviator for one round?

Yes, the minimum bet is €0.1. The maximum bet can be €10,000 per round. Withdrawal and its amount is not limited, but Aviator game must be closed and finished before requesting withdrawal.

Can my strategies not work?

Unfortunately, yes. The outcome in the Aviator game is too unpredictable, our tactics do not always help you win. You will learn to play and win by doing it often. However, one important tip is – don’t bet large sums at a time. Betting smaller amounts will allow you to win more often just in smaller amounts.

Does the Aviator game support a mobile version?

Of course, the slot is perfectly adapted for the mobile devices. There is no way to download Aviator, but try to download and install the casino app – such as Parimatch, 1win, 1xBet, Pin Up or Mostbet. Read more about our partners here. They are the main partners and providers of Aviator in the country. When a user has registered using any site of these bookmakers, he is ready to embark on a fascinating adventure!

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